City of Worcester Veterans Square Project

     Throughout the history of this nation, countless residents of Worcester, MA have answered the call of duty by serving in the various branches of our armed forces.  Hundreds have paid the ultimate sacriface by giving their own lives in support of this great nation.  Over the years, the City of Worcester has embraced these victims' families & friends by allowing them to privately purchase veteran memorials & place them upon public land.  These granite monuments are strategically placed in areas where these patriots may have lived or had a specific connection too.  It is the goal of this site to provide a face and/or descriptive words for each "Veteran Square" through the use of photographs, newspaper clippings, or letters.  These veteran markers do not represent all Worcester residents who perished in their great service to this country.  This site would like to document all Worcester Veterans that perished so their sacriface mat not be forgotton.

Thank you for your support!